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Step by step instructions to Sew Your Own Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a definitive exemplary dress for each ladies' storage room. They can be agreeable, charming, even provocative, and are ideal for wearing year round. These dresses never leave style - you should simply refresh your embellishments for a new look each time you wear it. What the vast majority don't understand is exactly how simple a maxi dress can be to make. In the event that you have a fitted T-shirt that you adore, and know how to sew a straight line, at that point you can sew a maxi dress. A weave T-shirt maxi dress can be spruced up or down, and you will love exactly how agreeable it is. 

    (Picture: Jess Abbott) 

    (Picture: Jess Abbott) 

Things You'll Need 

- 2.5 to 3 yards mid-weight sew texture 

- Organizing string 

- Measuring tape 

- Ball point sewing needle 

- Pins 

- Rotating cutter/texture scissors 

- Cutting mat 

- Fitted T-shirt for design 

    (Picture: Jess Abbott) 

Step 1: Measure Yourself 

Measure from your neck area to the floor, and add 1 inch to t…

Office Holiday Party Makeup Tutorial

An office occasion party is the main event when it's alright to wear the kind of cosmetics that you could never put on a normal workday - shine, false lashes or a splendid lip shading - and after that include some fun, merry points of interest to it. 

    (Picture: Lilly Wallace) 

Things You'll Need 

- Face preliminary (mattifying for slick skin/hydrating for dry skin) 

- Establishment 

- Under eye concealer 

- Translucent powder (streak benevolent, if photographs will be taken) 

- Redden 

- Eye preliminary 

- Eyeshadows (see tip underneath) 

- Eyeliner 

- Mascara 

- False eyelashes: discretionary 

- Lip liner 

- Lipstick 

A note about picking eyeshadows: Opt for a substance conditioned one for the cover, a marginally darker one, and an exceptionally dim one. Most cosmetics brands offer eyeshadow palettes that accompany a couple of shades. I utilized The Honest Company's Everything Makeup Palette in this instructional exercise. 
Step 1: Determine the Look 

Before you settle on a look, …